The Real Estate Process

It’s simple, with the help of a Realtor ®

The Home Buying Process

  • Consultation

    Thinking you’re ready to buy? Let’s chat!
  • Pre-Approval

    Let’s get you pre-approved!
  • Finding the Right Agent

    Oh look, this is where I come in!
  • Home Search

    I’m here to help you find your home, not a house!
  • Make an Offer

    Signed, Sealed & Delivered, we’ll make the right offer!
  • Inspection

    Ensuring your new home is all that it appears!
  • Final Walk-Through

    Finally! All your dreams have come true, it’s that easy.
  • Closing

    Making it official!

Ready to start you home search?

The Home Selling Process

  • Consultation

    Thinking you’re ready to sell? Let’s chat!
  • Market Price Evaluation

    I’ll find the optimal price point to go on market!
  • Home Preparation

    Getting your home ready for photos & showings!
  • Stage & Photograph

    Present your home in a way buyers will want to see, and fall in love!
  • Market Home

    Listing your home on the MLS will reach thousands of qualified buyers!
  • Review Offers

    Multiple offers can drive the price up, but any of these offers could potentially fall through, so we’ll review them all carefully!
  • Purchase Agreement

    The hard work is done, now we just need to come to agreement on all the details and make it official.
  • Inspection & Negotiation

    Many times buyers have demands based on the inspection. We’ll roll up our sleeves and negotiate on your behalf!
  • Closing

    It’s official!

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